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Memories are Timeless Treasures of the Heart

We are the masters in creating yours.

Wedding Planner London

Planning your wedding is easy. It also takes no time. If you leave it with us. We have been planning weddings both in London and Internationally for the last 20 years. That’s a of experience; we know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Lime Green Pantone Colour of the Year

Wedding Planner Italy

Roberta Sabbatini, the founder of the Agency, has been living in London since 2003. She is Italian, born in Rome. She has more than 20 years of experience in organising weddings in Italy and with her team she can advise you, direct you and organise the ultimate dream wedding. Yours.

Corporate Events Planner

Did you just start your enterprise and looking for some icebreaking ideas? Is your company moving ahead and you need all your people to discuss, brainstorm & train about what is next? Do you simply want to reward your people and make them feel they’ re actually making a difference?

Italian Wedding Planner London

Party Planner London

Budget constraints, picking the right venue, planning it as the memorable event, guest lists, keeping up with the party planning process…… Can you sort it all out by yourself? Do you have the time, the right suppliers and the expertise? Our skilled event designers and planners team, take care of every detail of your party for you.

heart shaped wedding bouquet flowers

Flowers Decorations London

The magic before your eyes delivered. Whether you have the vision or not, we will transform every flower into a magnificent display for you to enjoy. You will be advised on the different meaning of shapes and colours; and helped choosing the best solutions for your event.

Events Gourment Catering

Do you want your event to be remembered forever by your guest? Food is actually one of the main ingredients for a successful one. And there is nothing better than Italian food. Roberta Sabbatini combines her deep love for her native country’s food with her expertise and knowledge after having owned and managed three restaurants both in London and Italy.