• Take a branded primer. Now, blur your flaws while applying it across your face with hands. Take a few drops and smear them for furnishing smooth surface.
  • Don’t forget to apply it on to your eyelids and under eyes.
  • Layer it with foundation or foundation cream. Wearing it will exaggerate your beauty provided its tone must be complimenting to your skin colour.


  • Put on the primer onto your eyelids, under eyes, brow bone and around tear duct. Dab it with your finger tips to even the tone. Blend it well.
  • Pick up the eye-shadow that is a shade lighter or darker to your dress colour. Sweep the colour on to it and under eyes.
  • Repeat on the next eye.
  • Open the eye a bit and paint the brow bone with the shimmering golden/silver shadow. Extend swiping the paint to tear ducts. It will highlight that area
  • Close an eye & colour the eye-lid with Avon’s Ideal Illuminous Blush or any other one.
  • Now, take a clean brush to blend the colour of lids with the hue of brow bones.


For bolder eyes, you can’t skip highlighting their border line

  • Right from the mid of the eyelids to the corners, start patching with mascara
  • Don’t tan the tear duct area.
  • Make it bolder and keep it thin at the corners.
  • Give it the shape of wings at the corners.

Tip # 4 BLUSH

  • Drop your lower jaw down a bit. Your cheek bone will be visible clearly.
  • Take a brown or bronze blusher.
  • Draw a slanting line slightly below your cheek bones
  • For blending it up, swoop the brush from down to up.


Because Red lipstick is always rock, you can colour your luscious lips red. But also orange, nude and pink are in. So you have a lot more hues to pick from.

  • Outline the lips with lip-liner.
  • Paint the upper pout first and then, lower.
  • Pucker the pair to even the shade.