Fancy a Wine Wedding?

>Fancy a Wine Wedding?

Fancy a Wine Wedding?

Weddings in wineries, has been having quite a boom in the last few years
Many venues in Italy are now updating their canteens to host brides, grooms and all their guests; some of them placing tables right next to barrels; others making up the actual vineyard for breathtaking settings

Producers of fine wines, in many Italian regions offer high quality products and food that pair the wines themselves. This is something unique, that traditional wedding venues can hardly offer
Being a wedding planner for Umbria, I can assure you that this region is one of the best for a wine experience. Not only it is the land of great labels, but definitely the best Italian region for cured meats and truffles.

Wine & Food Pairing

Have you ever tried a rich buffet of top quality organic products with top quality wines? Well, it will be simply unforgettable.
Some venues, especially the most historic one, are now licenced to celebrate civil binding weddings.
As you can imagine they are all located in lushes countrysides, sometimes with mountains backdrops, sometimes with lakes views.

In the cellars, buffets are generally served before the actual dinner; very often a  Wine Tour is organised. Some couples even choose a date close to the harvest and involve their guests in this fun activity 

The Fun Part

The wedding itself is then held the day after
Of course Wine is the thread of the entire wedding: from decorations, to favours everything should reflect this theme. A advice from a wedding planner from Italy like me? Have personalised labels printed and stick them on all wine bottles. I can assure you, your wedding will be simply unforgettable

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