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Italian Wedding Planner in London

Wedding Planner Sicily

Wedding Planner Sicily

Jennifer flew all the way from New York to celebrate her wedding. She managed to have some of her native Italian relatives at the event. They could not speak English and it turned out to be a fun yet emotional day. 

Your Wedding in Sicily

Sicily is the largest of the Mediterranean islands as well as one of the most beautiful. You can celebrate your destination wedding in the unique towns of  Taormina or Cefalu’; eventually, you can consider one of the old tuna fish houses along the coast. If you are a lover of history, then the valley of the temples, where Jennifer got married, near Syracuse is the answer.

 Your Wedding Planner in Sicily

Roberta offers a free initial meeting in her office in London or Rome and/or eventually over the phone. We’ll ask you to provide us with some reference of what you envision for the big day. This way we can discuss all your requests in details. Sicily offers several options: from inland rustic villages to breathtaking venues on the coast. Eolian islands also are part of Sicily and a wedding there would be nothing but unforgettable.

Book Your Wedding in Sicily

After our initial free meeting, you can take your time and decide whether our agency is the right planner for you. By now you’ll know what it takes to get married in Sicily, the way we’ll work together, the time frame. You can also download the general guide   ” My Wedding in Italy”.

Wedding Planner Sicily

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