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Party Planner London

Mark’s 40th Birthay Party Planning


Mark’s wife wanted to organise a surprise party for her husband. She wanted something unique: Mark is a foodie and a lover of open spaces and she approached me.  The results? We organised the party in a beautiful outdoor venue. Guests cooked their own food during the day, and live cooking stations were set up during the evening meal. Mark even made his own birthday cake in front of his guests. Definitely a lot of fun.

Planning Your Birthday Party

Budget constraints, picking the right venue, planning it as the memorable event, guest lists, keeping up with the party planning process……Can you sort it all out by yourself? Do you have the time, the right suppliers and the expertise? Our skilled team of event designers and planners, take care of every detail of your party for you. Our services for you include:

  • Find the right venue for the party
  • Design and produce a 3D Rendering
  • Set up and cleaning
  • Bespoke Decoration
  • Entertainment and Acts for your Themed Party
  • Choose the right food/menu
  • Organise open or cash bar
  • Party Planner On-site
Party planner london

Is our Company the right Party Planner for you?

“If it seams easy, you’re doing it wrong”  (anonymus)

Organising a party is time consuming, but of course you want to feel confident it will all be perfect. We offer a preliminary free meeting during which we’ll discuss all your requests and needs. If interested, you can also download the guide  “Ten Tips for the Perfect Party”