The Flowers Choice of a Party Planner in London

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The Flowers Choice of a Party Planner in London

A Party Planner in London’s Suggestion

The Flowers of February

As a party planner here in London, clients often asked me  what flowers they can use in winter for their decorations.
Although spring yet has to come, February does give us amazing flowers you could use for your occasions. Below the Top 5 flowers that I would recommend. Easy to use in any type of arrangement, even for your corporate events in London, they also come in a variety of colors. They choice now is only yours.

Calla Lily

Calla lily can be found in white, deep purple, wine red and also orange. With its streamlined stem, these flowers are perfect for bouquets or for tall centrepieces. I used them  for some of my corporate parties here in London. They definitely made a statement.


These fragile lengthy stemmed flowers are available in a variety of shades, like pinks, reds and also white. It is a lovely option for the wedding arrangement or for the wedding celebration. These blossoms are extremely functional and as a party planner, I usually advice my clients to use them to create specific focal points in certain corners of the rooms. For example for a cake stand or for the bar.


Zinnia is one of one of the most versatile February flowers. You can find it in several shades of white, yellow and reds and can definitely add that bright vibe. The bulb comes from Mexico: sailors travelling to Europe brought it to us. The flowers have magnificent shades of reds, oranges, yellows and pink.


This is definitely one of my favourite flowers. Gerberas are highly versitile,  elegant and sober at the same time. In this picture, you see a composition that I ‘ve made for a party in Harrow, London. The ‘full head’ roses decoration is dotted by some lovely gerberas. They really added that extra touch to a composion that would have looked too much the same with only roses.

Gerberas are very common and relatively unexpensive. Referred to as the African sissy, it can be found in yellow, pink, reds, orange or white to include some accents of shades or produce a dynamic arrangement.


I am now planning a wedding for a bride in North London. It’s in March and she specifically asked for ranunculus to be added to her decorations. I will use ranunculus and roses mixed of course with foliage. My preferred choice will be fern. Of course I will keep you posted for the final outcome, but in the meantime it’s worth knowing that these flowers have a multi-layer petal display and comes in fantastic shades. It blossoms in February for few months and you can see it in  a selection of pinks, oranges, yellows and also whites.

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