Wedding Dresses 2020: the Top 3 Trends You Want to Follow

>Wedding Dresses 2020: the Top 3 Trends You Want to Follow

Wedding Dresses 2020: the Top 3 Trends You Want to Follow

There is something new for the Brides of 2020 that will make you dream. It’s all about romance and vintage. Who does not feel some nostalgia of the past times?

It all starts with the 2020’s Bridal catwalks . Milan Fashion Week just ended and here some of the main highlights.

Romantic and somehow vintage elegance seems to have been the keywords. Bows, belts and important sleeves have come back.

Bows are definitely statement-making.. They signify romance, elegance and above all the deep meaning of tying the knot.
They can be placed on on the waist, necklines, skirts and sleeves.
If your waistline is petite, a bow will enhance its lines. Alternatively, opt for a more unusual style by placing the bow on the sleeves or neckline.

From the most minimal to the maxi large, it goes well with any kind of dress
Bows made of chiffon and organza give that extra glamourous

3D Details for a Retro Look

3D decorations had their spot during the Milan Fashion week. Glitters, 3D flowers and fabrics are applied everywhere on the dresses. From the skirts to bodices, collars, shoulders and sleeves. Trousers as well, if wearing a skirt is not your cup of tea
Nevertheless, today’s young brides want lighter, more comfortable dresses for their big day.
With the new collections, in addition to the classic raffle organza,, the use of pleated fabrics is back in fashion.

Dress the Look with those Sleeves

Balloon Sleeves are back as well. What not to like? In those chilly summer nights, they can keep you warm without being so uncomfortable like the long ones

They can be in organza and chiffon as well, sometimes in contrast with the fabric of the main parts of the dress.

Colour Trends for Wedding 2020

What about the colours for this year? I was taken by a few combinations

Cinnamon Rose , Terracotta,Blush Pink and Light Grey.Which one should you choose? A lot will depend upon your personality.

Cinnamon Pink

As a spice, cinnamon is for those active brides which also have a romantic side, just like suggested by the “rose”

Here an inspirational picture for your bridesmaids by  Essense of Australia

Italian Wedding Dress 2020

Terracotta is  more for the outdoor bride, the one that loves nature and fills her home with brown coloured accessories and soft furniture accents. As bride you can still wear white, but everything else about your wedding, can definitely have those earthy colours

Inspiration Image by Fashion Dresses

Italian Wedding Dress 2020

Light Grey is for all those brides who want to break free from the traditional colours and yet show their femmine side by option for this gentle hue.

A great example is this stunning wedding dress of Dress Afford

Italian Wedding Dress 2020
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