Wedding Venues in Italy: 5 Things to Consider

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Wedding Venues in Italy: 5 Things to Consider

 There are Plenty of Options in Choosing your Wedding Venue in Italy.  Below the Top 3  and What you Need to Keep in Mind.

Getting Married in Italy: 5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Hotel


  1. More than 33k hotels in Italy you have an unlimited number to choose from. Hotel are mainly family run so you get the most of the Italian warm and family oriented culture
  2. If you want to party the night away, restrictions always apply as other guests will be sleeping in the hotel
  3. Some of your guests not feeling well or an emergency or having small children?? Staying in the hotel is the most secure way for all emergencies to be taken care of. It did happen to me when in Venice. An in house doctor was sent straight to the bride’s room.
  4. Easy to get around and get changed. Usually hotels are within walking distances from amenities and most of the times from city halls/churches.
  5. Wedding Reception: although every where you go in Italy food is excellent,hotels usually offer the same range of food they already cater for their own in house menus. There is no rental fee that apply but the cost of the menu per head, unless you are having your ceremony there. In this case a fee might apply.
    For your Wedding in a Hotel we can suggest:

Getting Married in Italy: 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Villa as your Wedding Venue

  1. Villa in Liberty Style with Italian Gardens are very common in Italy. Amazingly beautiful they witness a past of rich Aristocracy. You can find them along the shores of Lakes, up in Lush countryside spots and with amazing sea views
  2. Villas on rent for occasion are usually without any gate keeper so you need to be aware that in case of emergency, you won’t have any assistance. A renting fee always apply to a Villa.
  3. You can probably dance the night away as you are the only occupants, unless there are other housing nearby. In that case Italian law says to lower the volume after midnight
  4. You have a wider choice of wedding caterers, although still limited to the shortlist that the owners of the villa will give you.
  5. It will probably be a very relaxing event, as villas are usually away from the hustle and bustle but keep in mind you will most probably need to rent a car and provide for your own meals during your staying

Getting married in a Restaurant: 5 things to consider when choosing a Restaurant as Your Wedding Venue

  1. Restaurants are the most casual places where to celebrate your Wedding. If this is what you are looking, then go for it.
  2. Restaurants are everywhere in Italy; in any corner of streets, towns, cities, burgs. You name is. Choice is therefore very ample and the help of a wedding planner will make the difference
  3. Music can not be played unless the restaurant plays its own music; other guests will share the place with you, unless you hire the whole restaurant or the restaurant itself has a separate room for events
  4. Wedding food choice is very limited as each restaurant have their own signature dishes and in-house chefs are used to make a particular kind of menu. Rest assured though, that food is freshly cooked on premises and there are not such things are restaurant chains
  5. Restaurants usually don’t charge a renting fee but just the price per head of the menu. It is wise to have a flat fee quotation for a drink package.

Here some suggestions for your Wedding Venues in Italy:

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