Top Tips for your BBQ Wedding

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Top Tips for your BBQ Wedding

 Wedding Planner in London‘s Suggestion

A summer wedding could be a BBQ Wedding.

A BBQ event is one the best ways to celebrate with friends and family the most important day of your life. I have organised, as wedding planner, a BBQ reception here in London. It was a lot of fun; kids could run freely and adults spent it as one of the most relaxing wedding.

Below some ideas to keep in mind for your and for your wedding planner.

Beer at hand

Organise beer stations, using both containers that self service DIY beer draft tabs

Outside Bibs & Bobs

Make sure that hats, sunnies umbrellas are our there for guests to help themselves

Vivid Mixed drinks

Blend intense tinted mixed drinks to truly obtain those summertime vibes going.


Colourful Veggies:  plenty of them for those less keen on meat

Get Saucy

Spice it up with  a sauce station and give little sauce bottles with personalised labels as wedding favours

Frame it!

Hang a gigantic photo structure from a high tree and also make an enjoyable image cubicle.

Show it!

A massive chalkboard menu is a great way to inform your guests of the food choices.

Make it fun

Outdoor games set up for the kids are a must, like huge trampoline

Make it different

Together with the traditional wedding cake, serve fruit based cakes, like a Watermelon carved one

Cover it up

Bring huge picnic blankets so people can lay down and in case cover up if the night gets chilly.

Make it a bond fire night

As the party progresses into the evening, organise a corner with a big bond fire with music and BBQ sticks for delicious marshmallows

Don’t forget the elderly

Not everyone will want to sit on the grass. Make sure to dot around the yard some tables and chairs so that even the elderly guests can enjoy the day


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