How to Organise a Great Book Launch Party

>How to Organise a Great Book Launch Party

How to Organise a Great Book Launch Party

A Party Planner in London’s Suggestion

Did you write and publish your book? Well time to celebrate!

A publication launch party could be a terrific means to say “thanks” to those who played a vital role in get your book out there as well as being the way to actually start selling it.

Step 1

Choose the right venue. Try to match as much as possible the venue with the content of your book. If you wrote about traveling to Italy, have your party in an Italian restaurant. There are thousands of Italian restaurants in London which also display charcuterie and regional products, so to create the right atmosphere. Some restaurants even have parts of the typical Italian 500 or Ape parked inside. What a better way to get into the mood of the book’s content?

Step 2

Use of the media. Let regional media know  about your launch celebration and welcome them along. A thorough social media marketing campaign ahead of the party will be essential as well.

Step 3

Take pictures. Hire a professional photographer and make sure you have shots of you signing the book and speaking with guests. If you have some VIP guests, have shots taken with them as well. It works wonder for your marketing .

Step 4.

If you have actually never ever signed publications before, invest sometime considering just what you’ll be writing when autographing your books . Several writers use a couple of lines and some of them in line with the content of the book.

Step 5

Collect addresses. It’s essential to stay in touch with the participants of your launch celebration. Think of a way to get each participant’s e-mail address, whether it’s a sign-up sheet, a dish for calling card, or a laptop computer or tablet computer where individuals could opt right into your newsletter instantly.

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